As corporate lawyers, what type of matters do you handle?

Our services for startup companies and people starting a business typically include:

  • incorporation for startups
  • angel & venture financing transactions
  • employment & human resource matters
  • copyright and trademarks
  • stock option plans
  • standard contract preparation
  • vendor contract negotiations
  • international corporate and transactional matters

The corporate lawyers of Fitzgerald, Franke & Hewes also engage in a general corporate practice and represent a number of corporations and organizations with varying size and in different industries. The firm serves as general counsel to some clients, and also represents startup businesses and joint ventures. FF&H brings experience to companies and their management in business governance matters, handles mergers and acquisitions, and negotiates all types of complex business transactions. In addition, members of the firm have helped clients with human resource matters, and establishing policies and procedures that assist organizations when interfacing with employees and outside consultants. The members of the firm frequently advise clients regarding secured transactions and the Uniform Commercial Code, the perfection of security interests in property, equipment leasing, and in copyright and trademark matters and some general aspects of patent law (we are not licensed patent attorneys).

How do I switch law firms?

Notify your current firm that you are switching law firms and would like your files sent to your new firm. They should comply with this request in a reasonable amount of time. Some firms will hold your files until you have settled all outstanding amounts due to the firm. Otherwise, the firm is under an ethical obligation to quickly provide your files to the new firm so that you have adequate legal representation.

How do you bill clients?

For most matters we charge an hourly rate. If requested, we will provide an estimate of our time to complete a matter and, in some cases, we can provide you with a flat rate for the matter. We also will invoice for any out of pocket expenses such as filing and recording fees, notary service, overnight or special delivery service, and international telephone calls. We will notify you of any expenses in advance. No charge will be assessed for either secretarial services or staff overtime.

We invoice clients at the end of each month for services provided during that month plus any out of pocket expenses. Invoices are due in 30 days.

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